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Warning coloration is ___.
a) a kind of camouflage b) a way to warn predators away c) always black and white d) always a sign that an animal is poisonous to eat
Some birds use Earth's magnetic field ___.
a) to attract mates b) to navigate c) to set biological clocks d) to defend territory
To defend againgst predators, an animal might use ___.
a) camouflage b) warning coloration c) toxins d) all the answers
___ is NOT an example of how animals might deal with a food shortage.
a) migration b) estivation c) social behavior d) hibernation
Reading is an example of ___.
a) an innate behavior b) a behavior controlled by genes c) a learned behavior d) an inherited behavior
The relationship between a worm and a robin can be expresseed as ___.
a) vertebrate:invertibate b) prey:predator c) producer:consumer d) prodaryote:eukaryote
A walking stick blends in with its environment. Therefore, a walking stick uses ___ to protect itself from predators.
a) deadly toxin b) irritating chemicals c) camouflage d) warning coloration
A skunk uses ___ to protect itself from predators.
a) deadly toxins b) irritating chemicals c) cdamouflage d) warning coloration
Which of the following colors would most likely be find on a poisonous animal?
a) blue b) green c) brown d) orange
Which of the following describes an animal's use of camouflage?
a) mimicking a leaf or a rock b) not moving so its natural color blends in with the background c) changing color to match the environment d) all of the answers
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