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What is the smallest planet?
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Pluto d) Earth
What is the fourth planet from the sun?
a) Jupiter b) Mercury c) Mars d) Earth
Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth are all _____.
a) Solar Systems b) Outer Planets c) Gasous Planets d) Terrestrial Planets
What is the farthest planet from the sun?
a) Uranus b) Neptune c) Mercury d) Earth
The astroid belt is between_____and_____.
a) Mars and Jupiter b) Mercury and Neptune c) Earth and Mars d) The Sun and Mercury
The largest planet is _____.
a) Saturn b) Jupiter c) Earth d) The Sun
Earth is about the same size as ________.
a) Pluto b) Luna c) Mars d) Venus
Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter are ____.
a) Terrestrial Planets b) Inner Planets c) Outer Planets d) closest to the sun
Ice crystals and dust particles make up _____.
a) the Astroid Belt b) Saturn's rings c) the 8 planets d) Jupiter's Great Red Spot
What is the 7th planet from the sun?
a) Uranus b) Neptune c) Jupiter d) Mars
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