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Tiny hair-like structures used to help paramecium to move.
a) cilia b) flagella c) pseudopods d)
Spiral-shaped bacteria that are corkscrew shaped.
a) Spirilla b) Bacilus c) Coccus d)
The amoeba captures its food by extending its body and making finger like structures. What is this called?
a) flagella b) cilia c) psuedopods d)
Rod-shaped bacteria
a) Spirilla b) Bacillus c) Coccus d)
Protist that uses Cilia to move.
a) Euglena b) Paramecium c) Amoeba d)
Protist that uses a flagella to move.
a) Euglena b) Paramecium c) Amoeba d)
Round-shaped bacteria
a) Spirilla b) Bacillus c) Coccus d)
Cell wall and chloroplasts are major structures in ______ cells.
a) Animal b) Plant c) Cytoplasm d) Mitochondria
Provides support and shape for plant cells.
a) Cell Wall b) Cell Membrane c) Cytoplasm d) Cell
The energy producing site in the cell where respiration takes place. Sometimes called the powerhouse of the cell.
a) Nucleus b) Chloroplasts c) Cytoplasm d) Mitochondria
Sites in a cell where photosynthesis takes place in a plant cell.
a) Chloroplasts b) Vacuole c) Cytoplasm d) Cell Membrane
Acts as a storage center. Some store water and others store waste products.
a) Mitochondria b) Vacuole c) Nucleus d) Cell Wall
Contains the genetic material (DNA) and is the control center of the cell.
a) Cell Wall b) Cytoplasm c) Vacuole d) Nucleus
The diffusion of water across a membrane.
a) Movement b) Chloroplasts c) Osmosis d) Diffusion
One way in which materials move across the cell membrane. Material move from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration.
a) Osmosis b) Diffusion c) Movement d) Chloroplasts
The thin, flexible outer covering of a cell. Controls what goes in and what comes out.
a) Cell Membrane b) Cell Wall c) Chloroplasts d) Nucleus
A gel-like fluid inside of a cell that holds the organelles in place.
a) Nucleus b) Vacuole c) Cytoplasm d) Cell Wall
A protist that uses pseudopods move.
a) Euglena b) Paramecium c) Amoeba d)
Long, whip like structure that's used to propel euglena through water.
a) Flagella b) Cilia c) Pseudopods d)
Protist are identified by the way they ______ and ______.
a) grow and reproduce b) move and get food c) move and grow d) reproduce and get food
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