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Which of the following problems did the Connecticut (Great) Compromise solve?
a) representation in Congress b) how to count slaves for representation purposes c) sets import tarrifs d) bans the slave trade in North America
Which of the following is NOT an example of an informal amendment?
a) judicial review/court decisions b) executive orders c) 2/3 proposal by Congress and ratification by 3/4 of the statess d) actions of political parties
What do we call a tweo house legislature?
a) unicameral b) bicameral c) double congress d) oligarchy
Which of the following is NOT an expressed power of Congress?
a) create the IRS to punish tax evaders b) issue patents c) raise an army d) levy taxes
What was created to appease Anti-federalist fears of a too powerful national government?
a) Bicameral legislature b) Bill of Rights c) Magna Carta d) Judicial branch
Which of the following is NOT a requirement to vote?
a) Must be a citizen b) Must be 18 years old c) Must be registered d) Must pay taxes
Which of the following describes the expansion of suffrage in the United States?
a) It was a long, slow process that took many amendments b) It was taken care of in Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution c) It was acheived with the passage of the 15th amendment d) It has not changed over time
What is the purpose of voter registration?
a) to ensure that people only vote once per election b) to make voting more difficult c) to make voting easier d) to make sure that more older people vote
What is a group of people who work together to influence public policy?
a) propaganda b) political party c) ballot d) gang
Who or what has the greatest influence on your political beliefs?
a) school b) church c) family d) tv/news
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