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An example of a fossil fuel is
a) wood b) petroleum c) the sun d) water
The most plentiful fossil fuel in the United States is
a) coal b) oil c) fracking d) wood
Fossil fuels are energy-rich because they contain
a) fossil fragments b) heat c) electricity d) hydrocarbons
Which of these is an example of a biomass fuel?
a) oil b) natural gas c) wood d) coal
The ability to do work is called
a) velocity b) energy c) conversion d) friction
Energy conservation means
a) slowing down a chemical change b) burning a fuel to release energy c) using fossil fuels to produce energy d) reducing energy use
The major fossil fuels are coal, oil, and
a) wood b) natural gas c) uranium d) electricity
The central core of an atom is called the
a) proton b) nucleus c) reactor vessel d) electron
Nuclear reactions result in tremendous amounts of
a) uranium b) energy c) fission d) mass
If you place a hot stone in a beaker of cold water, what would happen to the stone and the water after ten minutes?
a) The stone would get warmer and the water would get colder b) The stone would get as cold as the water is c) The water would get as hot as the stone is d) The stone would get cooler and the water would get warmer
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