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If someone has a great deal of perseverance, he or she...
a) knows all the answers b) is pessimistic c) has a strong will to succeed d) likes helping others
An almanac is a good place to go if..
a) you need to know what a word means b) you want interesting facts for a specific year c) you are looking to expand your word choice d) you need to know important info about a person
A summary should not....
a) include specific details b) answer the question who.. c) answer the question when d) be concise
If you include information in your writing that is not your own, you should try to include all of the following in the citation except...?
a) the date it was published b) the author's last name c) the year it was published d) none of the above
All of the following are ways to begin an essay or other form of writing except...
a) a question b) anecdote c) a regular statement d) an important quote
A good word to describe the writing in a news article is...
a) exciting b) impersonal c) opinionated d) elevated
All of the following are good examples of transition words except...
a) in conclusion b) although c) however d) excitedly
News articles contain all of the following except...
a) transition words b) informative details c) dialogue d) quotes from witnesses
The last paragraph of an essay does all of the following except...
a) include a call to action b) remind the reader of your main point c) review the main support used in your writing d) introduce new information
The line that tells you who is writing the news article is called...
a) the lead b) the byline c) the supporting detail d) the call to action
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