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Title 7
a) Cannot hire based on gender b) hi c) hi d) hi
Affirmative action
a) Increase education and employment, opportunities for members of group the faced discrimination. b) hi c) hi d) hi
Equal pay act
a) Give people equal pay for equal work. b) hi c) hi d) hi
Significance of Brown vs. board
a) The board of education had to desegregate schools, since it violated the 14th amendment. b) hi c) hi d) hi
TItle 9 gave more rights for women how?
a) Prevented discrimination in schools, causing more equality in all areas. b) hi c) hi d) hi
Voting rights act led to free fair elections how?
a) You dont have to pass a test in order to vote, everyone is able to vote. b) hi c) hi d) hi
a) b) c) d) hi
a) b) c) d) hi
a) b) c) d) hi
a) b) c) hi d)
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