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Civil disobedience
a) Tactic used to create change b) Change knowing you get into trouble c) Food d) Water
a) Stopping racial separation b) Discrimination c) Love d) People
a) American Indian movement b) Hi c) Hi d) Hi
a) Equality for women b) Hi c) Hi d) Hi
a) Equality in America b) Hi c) Hi d) Hi
Wounded knee occupation
a) Indian reservation and killed all people b) Hi c) Hi d) Hi
a) When people refuse to buy something in form of protest. b) Hi c) Hi d) Hi
African American
a) Desegregation, equal rights under law b) Hi c) Hi d) Hi
a) Better pay, more opportunities in school and labor, equal rights amendment b) Hi c) Hi d) Hi
Native American
a) Honor treaties b) Hi c) Hi d) Hi
Advantage and disadvantage non-violent protest
a) Get point across, get hurt b) Hi c) Hi d) Hi
Example of sit-in
a) Greensborg sit-in, desegregate restaurants b) hi c) hi d) hi
Examples of marches
a) Childrens march, desegregate down town b) hi c) hi d) hi
Examples of speeches
a) I have a dream speech, civil rights bill b) hi c) hi d) hi
Example of boycott
a) Montgomery bus boycott, desegregate busses b) hi c) hi d) hi
Examples of Occupations
a) Wounded knee occupation, so government would honor Native American treaties. b) hi c) hi d) hi
Examples of laws and rulings
a) Equal rights act, give men and women equal pay and work. b) hi c) hi d) hi
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