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A process called this makes it possible for people to use seawater for drinking.
a) water purification process b) resources c) desalination d) water cycle
The wind drives the ocean's what?
a) sea-floor vents b) surface currents c) seamounts d) respiration
Homes heated by hot springs are an examlpe of the use of what?
a) geothermal energy b) water cycle c) ultraviolet rays d) desalination
Ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of the Sun's what are screened out by the ozone layer?
a) resources b) geothermal energy c) renewable resource d) ultraviolet rays
When hot molten rock from inside Earth rises to the surface and cools to a solid, what are formed?
a) sea-floor vents b) surface currents c) water cycle d) seamounts
Oxygen is an example of what?
a) water cycle b) surface currents c) renewable resource d) desalination
Tube worms live in a unique environment called what?
a) seamounts b) sea-floor vents c) resources d) surface currents
Fresh water in constantly renewed through the what?
a) respiration b) renewable resources c) water cycle d) water purification process
Chlorine is added to water in a the what?
a) water purification process b) water cycle c) desalination d) respiration
Water, wind, the tides, and the Sun are examples of what?
a) renewable resource b) respiration c) alternative energy sources d) geothermal energy
Living things need oxygen in the air for what?
a) water cycle b) respiration c) resources d) desalination
Seaweed, oil, coal, and natural gas are examples of important what that oceans provide?
a) seanounts b) sea-floor vents c) surface currents d) resources
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