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What was the name on the head of the magical coin from Castle in the Attic?
a) Sir Simon b) Janus c) Alastor d) Calenar
What sport does William compete in?
a) gymnastics b) wrestling c) basketball d) football
What must William do to get through the magical forest in Sir Simon's world?
a) go off the path and find a way out b) climb a tree and jump out of the forest c) stay on the path d) stay with Sir Simon
What must William do to defeat the dragon?
a) slice off its head with a sword b) look into its eyes and stab it in the right thigh c) look into its eyes and stab it in the heart d) use a shield to reverse its fire blasts
In blazonry language, what color is sable?
a) red b) purple c) gold d) black
What is a flying buttress?
a) a machine used to hoist heavy material b) a stone arch which connects to a buttress c) a high ceiling vault in a cathedral d) a stone pier connected to a windlass
In blazonry, what color is gold?
a) or b) gules c) azure d) sable
What part of a knight's armor protects his feet?
a) cuirass b) poleyn c) sabaton d) greave
In Scottish clan culture, what is a pottar?
a) a tax collector b) a doctor c) a cottage builder d) a farmer
What does the term Mac mean in Scottish culture?
a) mother of b) father of c) son of d) daughter of
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