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non Hodgkin's cancers are also called:__________
a) lymphosacromas b) lung cancer c) prostate cancer d) basal cell carcinoma
____________ is a malignant cancer of the lymph system.
a) hodgkin's disease b) basal cell carcinoma c) prostate cancer d) lung cancer
_________ is a hypersensitivity response by the immune system
a) chickenpox b) pneumonia c) allergy d) kidney failure
____________ measures the exact chemical makeup of a blood sample
a) spectrophotometry b) hematocrit c) hemodialysis d) spectrogoblins
___________ is a test that measures the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
a) hemoglobin b) hematocrit c) hemodialysis d) spectrophotometry
__________ is plasma without the clotting protiens
a) lymph b) hemoglobin c) serum d) white blood cells
Multiple sclerosis affects which body system(s)?
a) Endocrine system b) Circulatory system c) Integumentary and muscular systems d) Nervous and muscular systems
______ is an infection that develops when pathogens enter the blood
a) septimus b) sepicemia c) september d) septigenarian
_______ is a condition in whichj a blood clot forms in the blood vessal
a) thrombosis b) lymphosis c) thyroid cancer d) thrombocytopenia
__________is an abnormal increase in the number of blood cells, making the blood thicker and slower flowing
a) polystyrene b) polysarcoma c) polycythemia d) polyethylene
Addison’s disease affects which body system(s)?
a) Integumentary and muscular systems b) Endocrine system c) Muscular and skeletal systems d) Nervous and muscular systems
Whole blood can be refrigerated safely for up to
a) 35 days b) 30 days c) 25 days d) 20 days
The term elephantiasis refers to
a) Hemoglobin in the blood b) A hypersensitive response by the immune system c) A massive accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the body tissue d) None of these are correct
Spectrophotometry is a chemical process that measures
a) Proteins and glucose b) Uric acid and cholesterol c) Enzymes and electrolyte ions d) all these are correct
Lymph vessels are located in all body tissues except the
a) Lungs and heart b) Brain and lungs c) Brain and heart d) Brain and placenta
Platelets, also called thrombocytes,
a) Are the largest blood cells b) Are largest in number c) Produce antibodies d) Are the smallest blood cells
With regard to the circulatory system, lymphedema is
a) Swelling caused by lymph b) enlargement of the spleen c) white blood cells d) a blood platelet
Each red blood cell lives only
a) 80 - 100 days b) 70 - 100 days c) 90 - 110 days d) 90 - 120 days
With regard to the circulatory system, an erythrocyte is a
a) red blood cell b) white blood cell c) blood platelet d) eating cell
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