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Produces bile
a) liver b) gall bladder c) pancreas d) stomach
Stores bile
a) gall bladder b) liver c) pancreas d) mouth
Major portion of digestion takes place here
a) small intestine b) large intestine c) stomach d) mouth
Turns food into chyme
a) stomach b) small intestine c) large intestine d) mouth
Place where food is ground mechanically into small pieces.
a) mouth b) stomach c) esophagus d) small intestine
Muscular tube that serves as passageway for food.
a) esophagus b) small intestine c) stomach d) large intestine
The major portion of all food ______________ takes place in the duodenum.
a) digestion b) ingestion c) absorption d) elimination
The major job of the __________ is to absorb water from undigested food.
a) large intestine b) gall bladder c) pancreas d) small intestine
Food that leaves your stomach is the form of a thin, watery fluid called _________.
a) chyme b) bile c) gall d) amylase
The process of digestion begins in your _____________.
a) mouth b) stomach c) esophagus d) small intestine
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