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A statement about how things work in nature that seem to be true all the time.
a) Hypothesis b) Law c) Theory d) Educated Guess
A prediction that can be tested.
a) Law b) Theory c) Hypothesis d) Scientific Experiment
Third step in the scientific method.
a) State the problem. b) Draw Conclusions c) Form a Hypothesis d) Perform an Experiment
A series of procedures taken in science that can help solve a problem.
a) Scientific Method b) Classification c) Heredity d) Data Table
A standard to which the outcome of a test is compared.
a) Variable b) Data c) Control d) hypothesis
Traits of living things.
a) All living things reproduce b) All living things are organized into cells c) All living things respond to stimuli d) All of the above
An explanation of things or events based on scientific knowledge that is the result of observations and experiments.
a) Theory b) Hypothesis c) Law d) Educated Guess
Humans are made up of around ______% water
a) 50 b) 30 c) 70 d) 90
The theory that living things only come from other living things.
a) Biogenesis b) Biosphere c) Biological existense d) Biogradable
Most living organisms are made up of more than ______% water
a) 70 b) 90 c) 30 d) 50
The two major classification categories.
a) Male and Female b) Animal and Fungi c) Protista and Animal d) Plant and Animal
The scientific theory that living things came from non-living things.
a) Heredity b) Spontaneous Generation c) Big Bang Theory d) Theory of Relativity
Second word of a scientific name.
a) Genus b) Species c) Kingdom d) Phylum
A tool with steps in which there are two descriptive choices to choose from.
a) Field Guide b) Scientific Names c) Dichotomous Key d) Punnet Square
First word in a scientific name.
a) Genus b) Family c) Kingdom d) Order
Something in an experiment that can change.
a) Control b) Variable c) x-axis d) theory
A two word naming system.
a) phylogeny b) biogenesis c) modern classification d) binomial nomenclature
Any living thing.
a) Biothing b) Matter c) plant or animal d) Organism
An organisms ability to maintain proper conditions inside no matter what is going on outside the organism.
a) Temperature b) PH c) Homeostasis d) water in cells
Two things that living things need in order to survive.
a) Raw materials and a place to live. b) Water and Food c) Food and a mate d) water and sunlight
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