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Since WWI ended, Americans were excited to...
a) move on with their lives b) start another war c) move to another country d) move west
During the 1920s, there were many new social and economic changes. This time period became known as...
a) the Wild Times b) The Roaring Twenties c) The Fun Twenties d) The Depressing Twenties
______ made buying and selling alcohol illegal.
a) Consumerism b) Segregation c) Nativism d) Prohibition
During the 1920s, Americans began investing in...
a) The Black Market b) The Stock Market c) foreign owned companies d) minority owned companies
The Immigration quotas were put in place to limit...
a) immigrants from entering the country b) products from entering the country c) jobs for immigrants d) trade with immigrants
The 1920s was considered the ____ because of the popularity of jazz music.
a) Age of Intolerance b) Dancing Era c) The Jazz Age d) Roaring Twenties
FDR created the ___ which helped during the Great Depression.
a) New Deal b) Nativism c) segregation d) Chicken in the pot
___ are negative BEHAVIORS towards a certain group of people.
a) Prejudice b) Discrimination c) Tolerance d) Intolerance
Flapper Girls of the 1920 were known for being...
a) sweet and quiet b) angry and lazy c) rebellious and wanting new freedoms d) hard working and dedicated
The American Dream of the 1920s became ___ AFTER the Bust.
a) unattainable b) attainable c) bearable d) tolerable
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