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An example of warning coloration would be:
a) a cheetah's spots b) a tiger's stripes c) a turtle's shell d) the black and white of skunk
If an organism only ate fruits and grasses it would be a:
a) herbivore b) omnivore c) human d) carnivore
An organisms genetic makeup is called its:
a) intelligence b) phenotype c) genotype d) adaptability
When an organism blends in with its environment it is called:
a) a disadvantage b) stealthity c) mimicry d) camouflage
Which of the following is the cheetah adapted for?
a) crushing prey in its jaws b) speed c) digging underground d) swimming
Type of organism that eats both plants and animals:
a) carnivore b) omnivore c) ovavore d) herbivore
This term means meat eater:
a) carnivore b) herbivore c) omnivore d) univore
Humans have this many chromosomes:
a) 43 b) 32 c) 46 d) 23
Which of the following is true of DNA:
a) it is single-stranded b) DNA is only found in brain cells c) it is a double helix shape d) Every human has the exact same DNA
Humans are in this kingdom:
a) Kingdom Animalia b) Kingdom Eukarya c) Kingdom Protista d) Kingdom Fungi
Which of the following are eukaryotic cells (have a nucleus)?
a) animal only b) plant and animal c) bacteria d) protists only
An example of mimicry would be:
a) a tarantula and a black widow b) a king snake and a coral snake c) a lizard and a dinosaur d) a bird and a bat
An example of a vestigial organ would be:
a) a bat wing b) a pelvis and femur of a whale c) the fin of a dolphin d) the spots on a cheetah
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