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Which best explains the relationship between the electromagnetic spectrum and sight?
a) ultraviolet light and infrared light are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen with the eye b) visible light is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen with the eye c) d)
What is the relationship between eyesight and light?
a) Light reflects off an object and then enters the eye, allowing people to see the object b) Light enters the eye before striking on object, allowing people to see the object c) d)
During an earthquake, three types of waves are created. All three waves arrive at a seismograph station at different times because
a) waves travel through different rocks at different rates of speed b) waves slow down as they pass from one rock type to another. c) d)
Sound waves travel faster in
a) warm air as compared to cooler air b) cooler air as compared to warm air c) d)
Waves with longer wavelengths have
a) lower frequency b) higher frequency c) d)
The higher the frequency of the wave
a) the shorter its wavelength b) the larger its wavelength c) d)
An example of longitudinal mechanical wave is
a) sound b) light c) d)
The speed of sound in medium depends upon
a) frequency b) properties of the medium and its temperature c) d)
Sound waves do not travel through
a) vacuum (space) b) solids c) d)
When sound travels through air the air particles
a) vibrate up and down b) vibrate along the direction of the wave (back and forth) c) d)
If you add thicker strings to your guitar. What does that do?
a) It changes the vibrations made by the guitar. b) It changes the number of strings on the guitar. c) d)
Which best explains the relationship between the speed of sound and the medium through which it passes?
a) Sound travels slower in air because of the increased distance between particles. b) Sound travels faster in solids because of the decreased distance between solid particles. c) d)
The pitch of a sound that you hear depends on the sound wave’s
a) loudness b) frequency c) d)
How are Earthquakes, sound, and light waves alike?
a) They carry matter. b) They transmit energy. c) d)
Sound is a disturbance that travels through a medium as a
a) transverse wave. b) longitudinal wave. c) d)
The speed of sound depends on
a) the medium and its temperature b) the pitch of the sound. c) d)
Radio waves are part of electromagnetic spectrum. Radio waves are considered low frequency and low energy waves because
a) radio waves have longer wavelengths b) radio waves have shorter wavelengths c) d)
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