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Who executed King Louis and Marie Antoinette?
a) Jacobins b) French c) Americans d) Catholics
Who become the ruler of France at the end of the French Revolution?
a) Charlemagne b) Napoleon c) King Louis XVI d) King George III
What did the National Assembly do for France?
a) made new laws b) made new taxes c) gave them freedom d) none of the above
What were important words during the French Revolution?
a) I pledge allegiance to the flag b) Liberty, Equality, Fraternity c) Let Freedom Ring d) Liberty, Equality, Freedom
Who was married to King Louis XVI
a) Napoleon Bonaparte b) Queen Elizabeth c) Queen Catherine d) Marie Antoinette
Which estate did the rich nobles live in?
a) First b) Second c) Third d) Fourth
What was an old prison in Paris?
a) estate b) National Assembly c) Magna Carta d) Bastille
Which Estate were most French people in?
a) First b) Second c) Third d) Fourth
Who lived in the Third Estate?
a) peasants and city workers b) lawyers and doctors c) merchants d) all of the above
What gave the United States a strong government?
a) Declaration of Independence b) Constitution c) peace treaty d) Stamp Act
Who was king of England during the American Revolution?
a) King George III b) King Henry VIII c) King Ferdinand d) King Louis XVI
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
a) George Washington b) John Hancock c) Ben Franklin d) Thomas Jefferson
Set of laws that was written for the new US government
a) peace treaty b) Declaration of Independence c) Constitution d) Intolerable Acts
What is the tax law on printed materials?
a) Tea Act b) Sugar Act c) Stamp Act d) Intolerable Acts
What did the American colonists fight so they could form a new nation?
a) French Revolution b) American Revolution c) French and Indian War d) Cold War
What did Great Britain sign that stated they no longer ruled the 13 colonies?
a) peace treaty b) Constituion c) Stamp Act d) constitution
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