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What are the products of a neutralization reaction?
a) water and hydrogen b) acid and metal c) salt and hydrogen d) salt and water
Which of the following describes a property of bases?
a) feels slippery b) tastes sour c) reacts with metal to produce hydrogen d) turns blue litmus paper red
How does an increase in hydronium ions affect the pH of a solution?
a) lowers the pH b) raises the pH c) does not affect the pH d) any of the above, depending on concentration
The magnetic field of a solenoid can be increased by
a) adding more loops per meter b) increasing the current c) putting an iron core inside the coil d) all of the above
Most of the charged particles in the solar wind are deflected before they reach Earth's surface. What causes this deflection?
a) a magnetic field b) an electric field c) Earth's gravity d) all of the above
What is the source of Earth's magnetic field?
a) a large bar magnet b) alignment of the magnetic domains of the inner core c) moving metal ions in the outer core d) magnetic domains in the lithosphere
Why is a small bar magnet able to deflect a compass from Earth's large magnetic field?
a) The bar magnet is much closer to the compass than the source of Earth's field b) The bar magnet is made of magnetic material, and Earth is not. c) Solar wind absorb Earth's magnetic field d) The lithosphere shields the compass from Earth's magnetic field
What is the measure of gravitational force?
a) friction b) weight c) balance d) mass
The Law of Universal Gravitation applies to
a) all objects in the universe b) only objects on Earth c) only the planets that orbit the sun d) only certain planets in the solar system
Kepler discovered that planets move faster when they
a) are farther from the sun b) are closer to the sun c) have more mass d) rotate faster
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