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What a solution?
a) a homogeneous mixture b) a heterogeneous mixture c) a compound d) an element
What are the 2 parts of solution?
a) solute/ salute b) solute/ solvent c) mixture / solvent d) solute/ mixture
What solution below is a liquid-gas solution
a) Water b) Air c) Soda d) Steel
Which solution below is a gas-gas solution?
a) copper b) Brass c) Air d) Soda
What substance below is soluble (Breaks apart and mixes evenly) in water?
a) Salt b) Oil c) Rock d) Sand
What is the solvent in Kool-Aid?
a) The powder mix b) Water c) Air d) Milk
What is the solute in sugar water?
a) Sugar b) Water c) d)
What is the most common solvent on Earth?
a) Air b) Water c) Orange juice d) Vinegar
How can you speed up the time it takes a solute to dissolve in a solvent?
a) Add more solute b) Remove heat c) Add heat d)
What solution below is a solid-solid mixture?
a) Air b) Steel c) Soda d) Sugar water
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