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To whom would you write a letter if you wanted to get a law changed?
a) Your Representative b) The President c) The Judge d) The Executive Branch
What do you call the House of Representatives and the Senate together?
a) The Union b) The Court c) The Congress d) The Capitol
Who is in the executive branch in each state?
a) The President b) The Governor c) The Sheriff d) The chief of Police
In what building will you find the Judicial Branch?
a) The Supreme Courth Building b) The White House c) The Capitol d) The Pentagon
Who has the responsibility of making sure our laws follow the U.S. Constitution.
a) The Presidentq b) The Congress c) The Supreme Court d) The Senate
Who helps the President make decisions?
a) The Senate b) The Cabinet c) The House of Representatives d) The Supreme Court
What branch is in control of our military?
a) The Legislative b) The Congress c) The Judicial d) The Executive
Who is in the Executive branch?
a) The Congress b) The President c) The Supreme Court d) The Senate
What branch of government is responsible for writing and passing laws?
a) Executive b) Judicial c) Legislative d) none of the above
What branch of government has the most power?
a) Judicial b) executive c) Legislative d) None of the above
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