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Email, the Web, and other Internet technologies that employees can use with a company and are not open to the public
a) Internet b) Email c) Intranet d) Multimedia
The part of an email address that comes before the @ symbol
a) reply all b) mailbox name c) spam d) search engine
to respond to the sender of an email message
a) reply b) reply all c) intranet d) web page
unrequested email messages and advertisements
a) adware b) virus c) multimedia d) spam
Describes a program that uses different types of media (such as text, graphics, video, animation, or sound) at the same time
a) intranet b) navigate c) multimedia d) web page
to respond to all people who received an email message
a) reply b) reply all c) intranet d) webpage
a program used to view web pages
a) intranet b) email c) web browser d) web page
to move to different parts of a network or program to find resources or files
a) navigate b) reply c) intranet d) web browser
software that finds a list of websites that meet a specified serach
a) intranet b) search engine c) web browser d) mailbox name
a single document on the web
a) intranet b) web browser c) multimedia d) web page
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