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domain with the most individuals
a) archaea b) bacteria c) d)
a type of archaea that lives in swamps and animal intestines
a) methane maker b) salt lover c) d)
a type os archaea that lives in ocean vents and hot springs
a) heat lover b) snoopy lover c) d)
domain whose members prefer environments with little or not oxygen
a) bacteria b) archaea c) d)
hairlike parts of bacteria that help them move around
a) flagella b) flags c) d)
reproduction in which a single-celled organism splits into two single-celled organisms
a) binary fission b) sexual reproduction c) d)
a organism with a nucleus
a) eukaryote b) prokaryote c) d)
bacteria that contain the green pigment chlorophyll
a) heat lover b) cynobacteria c) d)
an organism without a nucleus
a) eukaryote b) prokaryote c) d)
a think-walled spore containing genetic material and proteins that forms inside a bacterial cell
a) milkyspore b) endospore c) d)
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