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A model used to show how rock types (sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic) are interrelated
a) rock cycle b) sedimentary rocks c) regional metamorphism d) mineral
Rocks that form from an accumulation of sediments from preexisting rocks and/or organic materials
a) metamorphic rocks b) sedimentary rocks c) igneous rocks d) luster
The color of finely crushed residue or powder of a mineral
a) streak b) luster c) fracture d) hardness
The size, shape, and arrangement of the materials the rock is composed of
a) luster b) rock cycle c) texture d) mineral crystal
A process in which older rocks are transformed by an increase in temperature and pressure to createa series of metamorphic rocks. The rocks are often highly folded (bent) and faulted
a) metamorphism b) rock cycle c) organic d) regional metamorphism
The result of evaporation, saturation with dissolved minerals, or changes in temperature
a) organic b) rock cycle c) precipitation (of minerals) d) metamorphism
Anything related to living organisms or to things that were alive.
a) inorganic b) organic c) texture d) luster
Individual grains of minerals
a) metamorphic rocks b) mineral crystal c) regional metamorphism d) rock cycle
Earth materials such as, minerals, rocks, and fossil fuels, are grouped together as this
a) mineral crystal b) streak c) regional metamorphism d) mineral resources
A naturally occurring, inorganic, crystalline solid that has a definite composition
a) texture b) metamorphism c) streak d) mineral
The process of forming metamorphic rocks
a) mineral b) metamorphism c) organic d) precipitation
Rocks that form from changes in previously existing rocks due to heat, pressure, and or mineral fluids without weathering or melting
a) metamorphic rocks b) mineral crystal c) sedimentary rocks d) rock cycle
Liquid rock material beneath Earth's solid surface.
a) lava b) magma c) regional metamorphism d) organic
The shine from an unweathered mineral's surface, or the way a mineral looks in reflected light
a) mineral b) magma c) luster d) streak
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