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When an organism makes more of an organism, similar to themselves this is called __________.
a) reproduction b) condensation c) sprouting d) growing
What is an organism?
a) any animal b) any living thing c) anything on Earth d) any nonliving things
Germination means that ____________.
a) a seed will produce offspring b) a plant will die c) a plant will break from the ground reaching for the sun d) a seed will begin to grow
Where are new seeds found in flowering plants?
a) leaves b) stem c) fruit d) roots
A series of stages that all living things to through that includes birth, maturation, reproduction and eventually death is called _____________.
a) a life cycle b) a water cycle c) a growing cycle d) an earth cycle
Extreme physcial changes that occur during different stages of an animal's life cycle are called ___________.
a) photosynthesis b) metamorphosis c) evaporation d) revolution
Pollination from wind and insects helps a plant to _______.
a) start a new life cycle b) get larger c) end its life cycle d) get smaller
Just before a frog is an adult, it is _________.
a) a chrysalis b) an egg c) a tadpole without legs d) a tadpole with legs
When a butterfly is in the larva stage of its life cycle, it looks like __________.
a) a caterpillar b) it is in a cocoon c) an adult butterfly d) an egg
For a plant of animal to reproduce, it must be in the _____ stage of its life cycle.
a) infant b) egg c) adult d) young plant or animal
When a butterfly is in the chrysalis stage of the life cycle, it looks like ___________.
a) it is an adult b) it is an egg c) it is a caterpillar d) it is in a cocoon
During the ________ stage, a caterpillar spins a chrysalis around itself.
a) butterfly b) adult c) pupa d) egg
Which of these animals does not look like its parents?
a) young fish b) young larva (caterpillar) c) young snake d) young puppy
Which of these animals has offspring (young organisms) that do not look like themselves?
a) human b) lizard c) lion d) frog
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