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Features that are inherited from one's parents are called
a) practiced traits b) acquired traits c) habits d) learned behaviors
In which part of a plant does photosynthes occur?
a) the leaves b) the roots c) the stem d) the flower
All of the following animals are invertebrates EXCEPT
a) insects b) jellyfish c) snails d) frogs
Which of the following organisms maintain a constant internal body temperature?
a) fish b) mammals c) insects d) reptiles
Which of the following is an adaptation you might find in a predator?
a) sharp pointed teeth b) broad flat teeth c) traveling in a large herd d) hard protective shell
Reptiles include all of the following EXCEPT
a) snakes b) lizards c) toads d) turtles
Most behaviors help an animal
a) survive b) reproduce c) survive and reproduce d) find food
An ecosystem includes
a) the living things in a particular area b) the nonliving resources found in a particular area c) all the living and nonliving things that interact in a particular area d) only where an animal lives
Which statement about changes in ecosystems is true?
a) Ecosystems do not change in any important ways b) Humans make the greatest changes to ecosystems c) Plants cannot change ecosystems d) All animals cause helpful changes to the ecosystems in which they live
What has a beaver inherited that will enable it to build dams?
a) short, brown fur b) keen eyesight c) longer front teeth d) knowledge of where to build the dam
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