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According to Wegener's hypothesis of continental drift,
a) Earth's surface is made up of seven major landmasses. b) the continents do not move. c) Earth is slowly cooling and shrinking. d) the continents were once joined together in a single landmass.
What is Pangaea?
a) the name of a German Scientist b) the name of the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago c) another name for continental drift d) the name of an ancient fossil
Which type of evidence was NOT used by Alfred Wegener to support his continental drift hypothesis?
a) evidence from landforms b) evidence from fossils c) evidence from human remains d) evidence from climate
Any trace of an ancient organism that has been preserved in rock is called a
a) landform b) continent c) fossil d) landmass
Most geologists rejected Alfred Wegener's idea of continental drift because
a) they were afraid of a new idea b) Wegener was interested in what Earth was like millions of years ago. c) Wegener used several different types of evidence to support his hypothesis d) Wegener could not identify a force that could move the continents
The hypothesis of ________ was that all the continents were once joined as a single supercontinent and have since drifted apart.
a) Plate Tectonics b) Continental Drift c) Sea-floor Spreading d) Convection
Wegener believed that the continents had once been joined in one landmass called
a) The United States of America b) Eurasia c) Panama d) Pangaea
To support his hypothesis, Alfred Wegener provided evidence from _________, traces of ancient organisms in rock.
a) landmasses b) climate c) fossils d) rocks
The word Pangaea means
a) Drifting b) Island c) Breaking d) All land
Wegener used a fern-like fossil called ________ to prove that the continents used to be part of a supercontinent.
a) Mesosaurus b) Glossopteris c) Lystrosaurus d) Cynognathus
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