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A positively charged particle found in the nucleus
a) neutron b) electron c) proton d) atom
Current-carrying coil of wire with many loops
a) electromagnet b) solenoid c) permanent magnet d) resistor
A device that interferes with the flow of electric charge.
a) resistor b) insulator c) compass d) magnetism
Material that has no electrical resistance
a) magnetism b) solenoid c) resistor d) superconductor
You can ________ the strength of an electromagnet by adding more turns of a wire to it.
a) magnetize b) decrease c) increase d) prevent
An electric circuit is a complete path through which _________ can flow.
a) electric charge b) current c) electricity d) All of these
The type of magnetic material found in nature is called
a) titanium b) magnetite/lodestone c) platinum d) chromium
A compass needle points in the direction of the Earth's _______________ north pole
a) directional b) geographic c) magnetic d) operational
Where was the magnetic rock first found?
a) Russia b) Greece c) Brazil d) USA
Like poles of magnets __________ each other
a) straighten b) attract c) scatter d) repel
Which is NOT an example of an insulator?
a) glass b) plastic c) metals d) sand
Which is NOT a way to increase the strength of an electromagnet?
a) add more loops of wire to the solenoid b) use a different core c) change the shape of the wire d) use more current
Which is an example of a conductor?
a) copper b) plastic c) glass d) rubber
Which is a common household use for an electromagnet?
a) sorting scrap metal b) vacuum c) refrigerator magnet d) doorbell
The region in which magnetic forces act is called a
a) line of force b) magnetic field c) field of attraction d) pole
An example of a ferromagnetic material is
a) copper b) wood c) iron d) plastic
The person who first suggested that Earth behaves as a magnet was
a) Gilbert b) Oersted c) Columbus d) Ampere
The region in which Earth's magnetic field is found is called the
a) aurora b) stratosphere c) atmosphere d) magnetosphere
A coil of current-carrying wire with an iron core is called a(n)
a) ferromagnet b) maglev c) compass d) electromagnet
The smallest particle of an element that has properties of that element.
a) proton b) neutron c) electron d) atom
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