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Which of the following is an example of a community?
a) All the geese in the world b) All the organism living in a lake c) All the grass in a meadow d) All the animals in North America
The process by which the volcanic island Surtsey has progressed from bare lava in 1963 to an island with vegetation and animal life today is known as
a) secondary succession b) primary succession c) A climax community d) An extinction event
On the African savanna, large herbivores such as elephant and giraffe would be found in
a) Trophic Level B b) Trophic Level A c) Trophic Level C d) Trophic Level D
Most climate models predict that during this century, the average temperature
a) on land will increase, as will the average ocean temperatures b) on land will increase, and the average ocean temperatures will decrease c) on land will decrease, as will the average ocean temperatures d) on land will decrease, and the average ocean temperatures will increase
Russian thistle, better known as tumbleweed. It was accidentally introduced into the United States in the nineteenth century in contaminated flax seed. The fact that it has spread throughout the western United States suggests that
a) ‚Äčit is being farmed as an agricultural crop b) regions of Russia have a climate similar to the western United States c) it is an attractive garden plant d) it has an efficient seed dispersal mechanism
Deforestation has the effect of
a) increasing atmospheric oxygen, O2 b) decreasing biodiversity c) ‚Äčincreasing atmospheric CO2 d) contributing to global warming and increasing soil loss through eroison
Food webs differ from food chains in that they
a) show the actual movement of energy within the ecosystem b) identify the keystone species within an ecosystem c) show the distribution of biomass within an ecosystem d) show more of the available feeding relationships in an ecosystem
Ants are known to protect, or tend aphids from predators, and in return receive some nutrients from the aphids. This relationship is an example of
a) commensalism b) mutualism c) parasitism d) sexual selection
Bees collect nectar from flowers, and serve as pollinators for the plants. This relationship is an example of
a) predator-prey b) commensalism c) parasitism d) mutualism
A relationship between two organisms of different species in which one benefits, while the other neither benefits nor is harmed:
a) parasitism b) commensalism c) symbiosis d) mutualism
When the fish is provided with so much food that it cannot eat all of it, the excess food
a) can be absorbed by the plant for photosynthesis b) adds to the nitrogenous wastes in the aquarium c) helps to remove nitrogenous wastes from the aquarium d) kills bacteria
An organism that feeds only on heterotrophs is a(n)
a) omnivore b) autotroph c) carnivore d) herbivore
The source of the carbon in fossil fuels is
a) ammonia from proteins b) ocean water c) limestone deposits d) dead plant and animal matter
If the ecosystem above was contaminated with the pesticide DDT, the highest concentration of DDT would be found in
a) the sea water b) pelicans c) small fish d) microscopic organisms
During a particularly hot summer, the smallest change in temperature would likely be noted in
a) deserts b) temperate forests c) oceans d) temperate grasslands
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