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A typical presentation of fashion models parading on a runway in a certain order of appearance.
a) Modeling b) Fashion Show c) Formal Runway Show d) Special Event
The planning arrangement of movement, such as with specific dance steps or gestured move.
a) Choreography b) Special Events c) The Nae Nae d) Production
Spoken explanation of what is going on, especially pointing out specific features of each outfit being modeled.
a) Formal Fashion Show b) Presentation c) Commentary d) Choreography
Promotional activities help to build customer traffic,sell goods, and enhance the company image.
a) Modeling b) Shopping c) Production Fashion Show d) Special Event
Theatrical presentations of apparel and accessories on live models.
a) Fashion Show b) Formal Runway Show c) Tearoom Modeling d) Informal Fashion Show
Informal fashion show in which models walk individually from table to table in a restaurant to show and tell about what they are wearing
a) Window Modeling b) Tearoom Modeling c) Fashion Modeling d) Day time Modeling
A more casual presentation of garments and accessories. Models walk through the manufacturer's showroom or the sales floor of a retail store
a) Fashion Show b) Modeling c) Production Fashion Show d) Informal Fashion Show
The most elaborate and expensive type of fashionshow which includes backdrop, lighting effects and entertainment.
a) Production Fashion Show b) Formal Runway Show c) Fashion Week d) Tearoom Modeling
Elevated walkways for the models that project out from the stage, usually into the audience seating area.
a) Starters b) Lineup c) Dressers d) Runways
This person is in charge of the entire presentation.
a) Created Audience b) Fashion Show Coordinator c) Pivots d) Fittings
Is established after the show is planned, as a result of publicity and advertising.
a) Created Audience b) Starters c) Guaranteed Audience d) Pivots
The removing of show items from the sales floor to a fashion show storage area.
a) Merchandise pull b) Closing Show c) Lineup d) Dressers
When the models try on the merchandise to see how each garment looks and fits.
a) Dressing room b) Modeling c) Fittings d) Tearoom Modeling
Are the turns that are most often done at the halfway point and end of the runway.
a) Lineup b) Pivots c) Starters d) Created Audience
Cue the models onto stage in the correct order, at the right time, guided by the lineup and commentary script.
a) Dressers b) Runways c) Lineup d) Starters
Help the models change and care for the clothes.
a) Dressers b) Pivots c) Starters d) Fittings
The order in which outfits will appear in the show.
a) Starters b) Lineup c) Dressers d) Fashion Show Coordinator
IS established befoee the show is organized and will attend regardless of the show.
a) Created Audience b) Merchandise Pull c) Pivots d) Guaranteed Audience
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