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Who was Rome's first emperor? His name means revered one.
a) Pomopey b) Julius Ceasar c) Crassus d) Augutus Ceasar
Which is not a Romance language?
a) German b) French c) Portuguese d) Italian
What was an aqueduct used for?
a) to transport water to the cities. b) to take a bath in c) to go to the bathroom in d) to help build the arches
The Romans were the first use this when building
a) Columns b) Bridges c) Arches d) Domes
What is Latin for 200 years of peace?
a) Anno Domini b) Pax Romana c) Francis of Assissi d)
Julius Ceasar was murdered on the Senate step how?
a) Poisoned b) Decapitated c) stabbed d) burned at the stake
Julius Ceasar made himself__________ for life.
a) emperor b) dictator c) king d) pizza chef
The most powerful general in all of Rome was?
a) Augustus Ceasar b) Cicero c) Julius Ceasar d)
Another term for poor common person.
a) Patrician b) Plebeian c) d)
The Romans were
a) monotheistic b) polytheistic c) d)
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