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The permanantly frozen stratum below the arctic tundra is called __________________.
a) permafrost b) frozen sand c) ice-soil d) permasoil
Which biome is dominated by lichens, mosses, and grasses with short growing seasons, generally found a high altitudes, and has a layer of permafrost?
a) tundra b) taiga c) temperate deciduous forest d) desert
The general precipitation and temperatures over a long period of time is called _____________________.
a) climate b) biome c) weather d) biotic factors
Which terrestrial biome has arrid, hot days and cool, dry nights and is home to many nocturnal animals?
a) desert b) tropical rain forest c) temperate deciduous forest d) tropical deciduous forest
Which terrestrial biome has the greatest amount of biodiversity?
a) tropical rain forest b) temperate deciduous forest c) tundra d) taiga
Which terrestrial biome is a cold, treeless land area with little precipitation?
a) tundra b) taiga c) tropical rain forest d) arctic marine
Which is the largest terrestrial biome?
a) taiga b) tundra c) tropical rain forest d) savanna
Which biome has a dry and a wet season and few trees?
a) Savanna b) Temperate Deciduous forest c) Tundra d) Taiga
What is the biome called where fresh and saltwater meet?
a) estuary b) marine c) tundra d) aquatic land
If you were to travel from the Arctic Circle to the Equator, what sequence of biomes would you most likely pass through?
a) tundra, taiga, temperate forest, tropical rain forest b) tundra, temperate forest, taiga, tropical rain forest c) tropical rain forest, temperate forest, taiga, tundra d) taiga, tundra, temperate forest, tropical rain forest
In which biome does the greatest amount of photosynthesis occur?
a) oceans b) deserts c) tundra d) mountains
Which terrestrial biome has conifers, including spruce and fir, as the primary vegetation?
a) taiga b) tundra c) temperate deciduous forest d) tropical rain forest
Which biome has four seasons and trees that lose their leaves in winter?
a) temperate deciduous forest b) tropical deciduous forest c) taiga d) tropical rain forest
In which biome are the abiotic factors the most constant?
a) ocean b) tundra c) desert d) deciduous forest
The types of herbivores in a terrestrial biome most directly depends on
a) the types of vegetation b) the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water c) the amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere d) the availability of decomposers
Oceans, coral reefs, and the coastal zones are all a part of the ____________________ biome.
a) marine b) freshwater c) estuary d) terrestrial
Which aquatic biome has most of the photosynthesis completed by producers take place only is a small fraction of the water and makes up 70% of the Earth?
a) marine biome b) freshwater biome c) terrestrial biome d) estuaries
What is a large area of land with a specific climate and certain plants and animals adapted to that environment called?
a) biome b) terrestrial section c) regional characteristic d) adaptation
Which biome is the largest terrestrial biome?
a) taiga b) tundra c) temperate forest d) desert
Which of the following is a marine biome?
a) ocean b) estuary c) wetland d) lake
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