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Carbon (6)
a) nonmetal b) metalloid c) transition metal d) inner transition metal
The group that is HIGHLY reactive with water.
a) Oxygen group b) Alkali metals c) Halogens d) Noble gases
The group that is a great match for bonding with Group 1 (the Alkali metals).
a) Group 18, the Noble gases b) Group 2, the Alkaline earth metals c) Group 14, the carbon group d) Group 17, the Halogens
Sodium (11)
a) transition metal b) metalloid c) representative element d) inner transition metal
Tungsten (74)
a) transition metal b) inner transition metal c) metalloid d) representative element
Boron (5)
a) nonmetal b) transition metal c) inner transition metal d) metalloid
What is TRUE about the Alkali metal group and the Alkaline Earth metal group
a) They have the same number of valence electrons. b) Differ in the number of valence electrons by 1. c) They are not very reactive. d) Differ in the number of valence electrons by 3.
Hydrogen's group # and period #
a) 0, 1 b) 2, 5 c) -1, -1 d) 1 ,1
Calcium's group # and period #
a) 4, 2 b) 2, 2 c) 2, 4 d) 4, 4
Einsteinium, Es (99)
a) Inner transition b) Transition c) metalloid d) nonmetal
Which of the following is a Transition metal?
a) Cesium b) Copper c) Tellurium d) Tin
The electron located in an atom's outermost energy level are called _____.
a) valence electrons b) representative electrons c) alkali electrons d) atomic electrons
Name the element from the halogen group.
a) Sn b) Fe c) Br d) U
Which of the following grouping belongs to the Representative element group?
a) Cu, Co, Cd b) Ni, Fe, Zn c) Hg, Cr, Ag d) Al, Mg, Li
____ somewhat conducts electricity when exposed to light, so it is used i solar cells and in light meters.
a) Boron b) Selenium c) Sulfur d) Bromine
Name the group 2 elements.
a) Alkaline earth metals b) Halogens c) Alkali metals d) Boron family
Elements in groups 3-12 are called ____.
a) Representative elements b) Halogens c) Transition elements d) Noble gases
When Mendeleev arranged the known elements of his day into a table, he found that elements with _____ fell into groups.
a) the same atomic mass (weight) b) similar properties c) similar size d) the same color
In the modern periodic table, elements are arranged according to increasing ______.
a) atomic number b) date of discovery c) electrical conductivity d) atomic mass
Every element has its own atomic number. The atomic number is the number of ____ in the nucleus.
a) electrons b) positrons c) protons d) neutrons
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