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Our clients are ____________ with our products.
a) satisfied b) boring c) amazing d) tired
You don’t remember her name? That is so ________!
a) interesting b) embarrassing c) confusing d) frustrated
His story isn’t very ________.
a) bored b) convincing c) shocked d) amazed
That movie was really __________________ I almost fell asleep.
a) exciting b) interesting c) embarrassing d) boring
I was __________________ after listening to that three-hour class.
a) exhausted b) boring c) interesting d) depressin
People who constantly complain are very __________ to me.
a) annoying b) confusing c) amazing d) interested
The students were __________ by the Professor’s instructions.
a) surprising b) relaxed c) confused d) frightened
Sometimes I get really ____________ when I can’t express myself well in English.
a) tired b) annoyed c) satisfied d) frustrated
I am really___________; I think I’ll go to bed.
a) energized b) embarrassed c) tired d) interested
My grandmother was ____________by the man’s bad language.
a) shocked b) tired c) relaxed d) terrifying
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