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Which is correct?
a) Protons have a positive charge and Electrons have a negative charge b) Protons have a negative charge and Electrons have a neutral charge c) Protons have a negative charge and Electrons have positive charge d) Neutrons have a neutral charge and Electrons have a positive charge
When two or more elements combine to form a new substance, it's called a ______.
a) compound b) mixture c) solution d)
Chlorine is a poisonous gas. When Chlorine chemically combines with Sodium, the result is the compound Sodium Chloride (NaCl). What might you do with NaCl?
a) Put it on your french fries b) Use it to clean the floor c) Put it in the car battery d)
Salt, water, carbon dioxide, and sugar are ________.
a) compounds b) elements c) mixtures d)
Protons and neutrons make up the _________ of an atom.
a) nucleus b) structure c) outside d)
Iron, aluminum, copper, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are ___.
a) elements b) compounds c) mixtures d)
Because the substances in a mixture retain their original properties, they can be separated by __ means.
a) physical b) chemical c) d)
Pure substances made from only one type of atom are ________.
a) elements b) mixtures c) compounds d) something that you cannot see
A solution is a _________ in which one substance dissolves in another.
a) mixture b) compound c) element d) space in time
Where do you find the electrons?
a) in the nucleus of the atom b) outside the atom c) not in an atom d)
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