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When the crest of one wave passes through the trough of another wave, _____ takes place
a) resonance b) diffraction c) constructive interference d) destructive interference
For a given wave, if the frequency doubles, the wavelength _____.
a) doubles b) stays the same c) is halved d) quadruples
Wave A carries more energy than Wave B. Wave B has a smaller _____ than Wave A.
a) frequency b) amplitude c) wavelength d) speed
Waves that carry a lot of energy have a
a) high frequency b) low amplitude c) high amplitude d) low frequency
The distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of the next wave is called
a) frequency b) trough c) amplitude d) wavelength
Mechanical waves can move through all of the following except
a) air b) soil c) space d) water
The bouncing of waves off a surface is called
a) frequency b) longitudinal wave c) refraction d) reflection
A measure of the number of waves that pass a certain point in a given amount of time is called
a) frequency b) crest c) amplitude d) wavelength
A wave is a repeating disturbance or movement that transfers
a) matter b) energy c) mass d) volume
The material through which a wave travels is a
a) vibration b) transverse c) medium d) compression
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