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Jake went to Target to spend his allowance of $10.00. He bought a book for $4.95 and gum for $.98. How much money did he have left?
a) $4.07 b) $4.04 c) $4.77 d) $4.70
Jack went to the Apple store to buy an iPad. It cost $399.00. He also wanted a cover for $49.50. Jack had $299.75. How much more money did Jack need to buy both?
a) $135.50 b) $153.00 c) $148.75 d) $128.00
Jorge went to Sears. He bought 3 shirts that cost $12.25 each. Jorge had $45.96 in his wallet. How much money did Jorge have left over?
a) $9.45 b) $9.21 c) $9.00 d) $14.00
Henry went to Walmart. He bought a dinosaur book and a dinosaur figure for a total of $23.84. Henry also wanted a dinosaur dvd for $15.97. He gave the clerk $45.00. How much money will Henry get back?
a) $5.91 b) $5.19 c) $5.00 d) $5.99
Allison went to Macy's to buy some new clothes. She bought a sweater for $39.00 and jeans for $49.00. Allison's mom agreed to split the purchase equally with her. How much did her mom spend?
a) $44.00 b) $42.00 c) $43.00 d) $46.00
Emily went to Best Buy. She bought a CD for $12.98, a DVD for $15.98 and a pair of earphones for $22.98. Emily paid with a $50.00 bill. It was not enough. How much more did Emily owe?
a) $2.98 b) $3.78 c) $1.94 d) $1.79
Ana went to Kohl's. She bought a pair of earrings for $8.99 and a pair of pants for $22.99. If she gave the sales clerk $40.00, how much money will she get back?
a) $8.02 b) $8.20 c) $8.22 d) $9.29
Jorge went to Sears. He bought 2 hats that cost $14.50 each. How much change will Jose get back if he has $30.00?
a) $2.00 b) $3.00 c) $1.00 d) $5.00
Rachel went to the Pink store to buy some pants for the PEP squad. She bought 4 pairs of pants that cost $19.99 each and 3 shirts that costs $14.99 each. How much did Rachel spend altogether?
a) $127.00 b) $143.25 c) $126.98 d) $124.93
Tony went to Toys R Us. He wanted to buy a WWE game for $37.00 and a controller for $18.00. Tony had $50.00. How much more money did Tony need to buy both?
a) $4.00 b) $6.00 c) $5.00 d) $7.00
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