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Part of the microscope that supports the slide that is being viewed.
a) stage b) diaphragm c) light source d)
This part of the microscope helps you adjust the amount of light that reaches the specimen.
a) arm b) stage clips c) light source d) diaphragm
You should always look to the side when using this knob.
a) Fine Adjustment Knob b) Coarse Adjustment Knob c) d)
The part on the side of the microscope is used to support it when it is carried.
a) arm b) leg c) base d) diaphragm
An objective lens has a magnification of 40x. What is the actual magnification?
a) 400x b) 40 c) 4 d) 300
These are found on the nosepiece and range from low to high power.
a) eyepiece b) nosepiece c) objective lenses d) stage clips
This part allows you to view the image on the stage and contains the ocular lens.
a) nosepiece b) eyepiece c) stage clips d) light source
This part holds the objective lenses and is able to rotate to change information.
a) nosepiece b) eyepiece c) objective lenses d) stage clips
Small glass plate which specimen are placed for viewing.
a) cover slip b) slide c) d)
The botttom part of the microscope.
a) base b) arm c) leg d) diaphragm
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