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On what point did the Framers of the Constitution agree upon?
a) All b) Information about the convention should be secret c) The new government should be limited d) The Articles of Confederation were not successful
What is the name of the system by which we elect our President?
a) Executive Decision b) Voters College c) Electoral College d) Quorum
What is the plan for our government?
a) The Bill of Rights b) The Preamble c) The Amendments d) The Articles
What are changes made to the Constitution?
a) Amendments b) Corallaries c) Articles d) Bills
Which of the following is a branch of government?
a) Judicial b) All c) Executive d) Legislative
What the powers that are shared by the federal and state governments called?
a) Reserved b) Concurrent c) Quorum d) Articles
Where was the Constitutional Convention held?
a) Philadelphia b) New York c) Washington d) Boston
What means to accuse an official of a crime?
a) Elect b) Impeach c) Ratify d) Instigate
What plan for the Constitution gave equality in representation to all states?
a) Virginia Plan b) New Jersey Plan c) Marshall Plan d) Articles of Confederation
What was the compromise called that created a bicameral leglislature?
a) Great Compromise b) 3/5 Compromise c) Treaty of Compromise d) 2/3 Compromise
What showed that the Articles and Confederation were not going to last as a plan for government?
a) The Preamble b) The Declaration of Independence c) Bacon's Rebellion d) Shay's Rebellion
What was the first plan for government for the United States?
a) The Articles of Confederation b) The Declaration of Independence c) The Constitution d) The Preamble
Who is known as the Father of the Constitution?
a) George Washington b) James Madison c) Thomas Jefferson d) John Adams
In what section of the Constitution do we find the goals?
a) Preamble b) Articles c) Amendments d) Bill of Rights
Who is the Executive Branch of government?
a) The Congress b) The Supreme Court c) The President d) The Govenor
How did the different branches of government limit each other?
a) Federalism b) Electoral College c) Constitutionalism d) Checks and Balances
For what issue did the 3/5 compromise settle?
a) Electing a President b) Slavery c) Representation d) Ratification
What is the clause that allowed congress to make power to carry out its duties?
a) Necessary and Proper Clause b) Elastic Clause c) Both d) None
Who is someone that did not support the ratification of the Constitution?
a) Anti-Federalist b) Federalist c) Constitutionalist d) Anarchist
What did the Anti-Federalist want added to the Constitution?
a) Preamble b) Articles c) Bill of Rights d) Amendments
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