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What is potable?
a) drinkable water b) contaminated water c) something that is easily carried d) a material resource
Which is an example of a resource that could be considered both material and energy resources?
a) trees b) fruit c) lettuce d) grass
What is a material resource?
a) A resource used for survival or to make our lives easier b) A resource used to produce energy c) A resource used to make things d) A resource found in stores
Which of the following is a nonrenewable resource?
a) water in the desert b) trees in a forest c) grass in the midwest d) corn in Iowa
What led to the Dust Bowl?
a) poor farming and a drought b) gold mining c) cattle grazing d) jackrabbit stampedes
Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) wind b) oil c) coal d) natural gas
Which is a type of land use?
a) residential b) transportation c) industrial/commercial d) all of them
Which of these are used most often as a material resource?
a) fruit b) coal c) sunlight d) wind
What causes eutrophication to occur?
a) Excessive nutrients b) CFCs c) acid rain d) nonrenewable resources
A measure of the cloudiness of water refers to which term?
a) turbidity b) acid rain c) eutrophication d) thermal
Which of the following would be considered point-source pollution?
a) waste from a factory b) runoff from the city c) cattle farm runoff d) eutrophication
Which type of pollution refers to dumping live or dead organisms into a body of water?
a) biological pollution b) chemical pollution c) thermal pollution d) eutrophication
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