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occurring or appearing again
a) staccato b) brusque c) permeated d) recurring
sharp, repeated sound
a) recurring b) encased c) staccato d) wry
looking down upon, treating as if inferior
a) condescending b) insolently c) devastating d) permeated
enclosed, covered
a) sprawling b) encased c) gnarled d) unoccupied
twisted and knotted
a) wry b) gnarled c) deprivation d) recurring
stumbled; hesitated
a) sprawling b) donned c) tantalize d) faltered
spreading out
a) brusque b) permeated c) sprawling d) encased
twisted or crooked sense of humor
a) wry b) brusque c) deprivation d) staccato
put on, as in clothing
a) encased b) faltered c) donned d) permeated
abrupt; rough
a) insolently b) brusque c) wry d) warily
torment, tease, tempt
a) insolently b) recurring c) tantalize d) encased
in a rude, insulting, or disrespectful manner
a) permeated b) encased c) recurring d) insolently
a) warily b) wry c) staccato d) roam
to wander around
a) donned b) staccato c) roam d) permeated
empty; vacant
a) devastating b) tantalize c) faltered d) unoccupied
overwhelming; highly destructive
a) devastating b) permeated c) deprivation d) condescending
doing without; extreme poverty
a) permeated b) deprivation c) devastating d) condescending
saturated; spread throughout
a) unoccupied b) staccato c) permeated d) recurring
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