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What river is close to Donegal Junior High?
a) Susquehanna River b) Delaware River c) Ohio River d) Central Pennsylvania River
What is larger a lake or a pond?
a) Lake b) Pond c) Neither d) Both
What is an biotic factor within a freshwater ecosystem
a) Trees b) Speed of Water c) Temperature of Water d) Rocks
_____________ are bodies of flowing water moving in one direction?
a) Ponds b) Lakes c) Rivers d) Oceans
What type of organism produces its own food?
a) Decomposer b) Predator c) Prey d) Producer
Marshes, Swamps, and bogs are all considered
a) Tributaries b) Wetlands c) Deltas d) Oceans
What is not true about plants in freshwater biomes?
a) Different plants are found in different parts of freshwater biomes b) There are many different species of plants found in freshwater biomes c) Plants do NOT provide oxygen to the animals of the freshwater biomes d) None of the above
What percent of the earth's freshwater is accessible to humans?
a) less than 1 percent b) less than 2 percent c) less than 3 percent d) less than 4 percent
The two water biomes are the marine biome and the freshwater biome?
a) True b) False c) Tralse d) Frue
A stream of water that joins a larger stream is called?
a) End b) Tributary c) Mouth d) Source
Which of the following is a fresh water animal?
a) Hammerhead Shark b) Killer Whale c) Amazon River Dauphin d) Shrimp
Lakes and ponds are part of the freshwater biome
a) True b) False c) Tralse d) Frue
Animals that live in freshwater regions would be able to survive areas of high salt concentration?
a) True b) False c) Tralse d) Frue
Ponds and lakes range in size from?
a) I have no idea b) A few inches to a few feet c) A few liters to a few gallons d) A few square meters to thousands of square kilometers
________________ are areas of standing water that support aquatic plants
a) Swamp b) Bog c) Wetlands d) Marsh
The shallow zone of a lake or pond where light reaches the bottom and nurtures plants.
a) Littoral Zone b) Open- Water Zone c) Deep- Water Zone d) Ozone
The zone of a pond or lake that extends from the littoral zone and that is only as deep as light can reach.
a) Littoral Zone b) Open- Water Zone c) Deep Water Zone d) Ozone
What do wetlands do after a lot of rain?
a) Nothing b) accept extra water c) Push the water into the river d) absorb all the water
What type of organism helps to decompose other dead organisms?
a) Predator b) Decomposer c) Prey d) Producer
Am I going to study for the test tonight so that I do really well?
a) Of course b) No c) I do not want to d) What is studying
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