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What is a possible answer to a scientific question?
a) Hypothesis b) Theory c) Variable d) Conclusion
What is the variable that is changed by the scientist?
a) Responding Variable b) Descriptive Variable c) Manipulated Variable d) Rotating Variable
Type of organism that can make its own food from the sun's energy
a) Consumer b) Decomposer c) Hybrid d) Producer
Type of organism that gains energy from eating other organisms.
a) Consumer b) Producer c) Decomposer d) Hybrid
Type of organism that breaks down other organisms in order to obtain energy
a) Consumer b) Decomposer c) Producer d) Hybrid
Variable that changes because of the manipulated variable
a) Responding Variable b) Manipulated Variable c) Gross Variable d) Rotating Variable
Charts or Information gathered from a science experiment
a) Graphs b) Data c) Variables d) Hypothesis
Type of consumer that eats only meat
a) Carnivore b) Omnivore c) Herbivore d) Kinovore
Type of consumer that only eats plants
a) carnivore b) omnivore c) herbivore d) kinovore
Type of consumer that eats both plants and animals
a) Carnivore b) Omnivore c) Herbivore d) Kinovore
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