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Jay read a book from 1:00PM to1:40PM. How long did Jay read?
a) 4mins b) 40mins c) 10mins d) 45mins
How many hours are in 120 minutes?
a) 1hour b) 5hours c) 2hours d) 12hours
Jiyang jogged from 3:00Pm to 3:58PM. How long did she jog for?
a) 50mins b) 60mins c) 55mins d) 58mins
How many months are in 3 years?
a) 24months b) 36months c) 30months d) 24months
How many days are in 4 weeks?
a) 28days b) 40days c) 32days d) 100days
A dance class is 3/4 of a hour long. How long is 3/4 of a hour in minutes?
a) 75min b) 15min c) 50min d) 45min
Sandy called her friend at 4:00PM. She hung up at 4:41P.M. How long did she talk on the phone to her friend?
a) 41sec b) 40sec c) 41min d) 410min
How many minutes in 5 hours?
a) 200 b) 300 c) 500 d) 300
How many hours are in 10 days?
a) 240 b) 260 c) 300 d) 700
How many seconds are in 4 minutes?
a) 240 b) 250 c) 300 d) 400
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