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What is the Great Wall of China referred to as?
a) The Mandate of Heaven b) The Connection c) A very long road d) The Wall of Tears
Caravans helped move goods ideas between _________________ and China.
a) United States b) Europe c) Africa d) North America
Which System was a political order that traded loyalty for protection?
a) The Religious System b) The Social Order System c) The Feudal System d) The Han Dynasty System
What did Shi Huangdi have that belonged to Confucious?
a) teachings, books and statues b) teachings and papers c) statues, papers and silk d) statues and religious items
What item did the Chinese make that allowed them to become wealthy?
a) statues b) bread c) silk d) clothes
What are some features that isolated China from the rest of the world?
a) mountains and roads b) mountains, deserts and oceans c) deserts and Great Wall of China d) deserts and South China Sea
What place did China's earliest people settle near?
a) Pacific Ocean b) South China Sea c) Xi River d) Yellow River
What kind of weather and climate is in China?
a) It is always warm and humid b) It varies depending on the location c) It is cold most of the year d) It is very rainy and humid
Which philosophy taught people to...go with the flow?
a) Han Dynasty b) Legalism c) Confucianism d) Daoism
Why did China's people use the same coins?
a) For exchange b) For trading c) For communication d) For the government
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