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What is the third rocky planet from the sun?
a) Earth b) Mars c) the moon d) Neptune
____ is a small, rocky satellite with temperature extremes, no atmosphere, and no life.
a) The moon b) The sun c) The Earth d) Mars
______ is an averaged sized yellow star.
a) the sun b) the moon c) The Big Dipper d) The Bright One
What do these words describe: new, crescent, gibbous, quarter, full?
a) phases of the moon b) the sun's spots c) the moon's craters d) the aliens
What causes seasons on Earth?
a) the tilt of the Earth's axis b) the rotation of the Earth c) the reflection of Mars d) the moon's rotation
What type of eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the Earth's shadow?
a) lunar b) solar c) dark d) bright
What type of eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the Earth and the sun?
a) solar b) lunar c) weekly d) bright
How often does the moon revolve around the Earth?
a) about once a month b) 365 days c) a day d) it doesn't
How long does it take the Earth to revolve around the sun?
a) 365 days b) a month c) 180 days d) a day
Copernicus and Galileo believed the ______ was the center of the solar system?
a) sun b) Earth c) moon d) Mars
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