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The passing of traits from one generation to another
a) homeostasis b) heredity c) d)
a change that affects the activity of the organism
a) stimulus b) cells c) d)
the maintenance of a stable internal environment
a) homeostasis b) metabolism c) d)
the total of all of the chemical activities that the organism performs
a) heredity b) metabolism c) d)
reproduction in which sex cells from two parents unite, producing offspring tha share traits from both parents
a) asexual reproduction b) sexual reproduction c) d)
the smallest unit that can perform all life process
a) cell b) microbes c) d)
reproduction that does not involve the union of sex cells and in which one parent produces offspring identical to itself
a) sexual reproduction b) asexual reproduction c) d)
Bacteria is the oldest living organism on earth
a) True b) False c) d)
An example of secretion is
a) sweat b) smelling roses c) d)
The human bodies normal temperature is
a) 96.8 degrees F b) 98.6 degrees F c) d)
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