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The North Carolina legislature has revised and adopted a rule from English Common Law, what is this new law called?
a) Statutory b) Precedent c) d)
Jan filed a civil lawsuit against Michael. What papers does Jan have to file?
a) Complaint b) Judgment c) d)
Who is the final authority regarding constitutionality of a law passed by the North Carolina Legislature that may violate the US constitution?
a) President b) US Supreme court c) d)
Emily and tommy work at Pizza company policy states that petty cash is reserved for small immediate need for the business. Violation of company policy is grounds for termination. In scenario tammy stayed and worked one night without extra pay when
a) Golden rule b) Consequential reasoning c) d)
In scenario Emily needs to pick up a dress from the dry cleaners using her credit card. The dry cleaners only takes cash payments. Emily decides to “borrow“ 10 from the register at the pizza company to pay the bill at the dry cleaners. What ba
a) The golden rule b) Consequential reasoning c) d)
O, is of Russian nationality robbed west side national bank. Which federal agency has jurisdiction for the robbery investigation?
a) FBI b) US Marshall c) d)
Addison and tucker had a party that was very loud. They were cited with a nuisance ordinance. Which law enforcement agency would have jurisdiction for this investigation?
a) NC SBI b) FBI c) d)
What are the limits of powers that the US Supreme Court is executing when reviewing a new national speed limit law established by Congress and signed into law by the President?
a) Judicial review b) Balance of power c) d)
an adult goes to court for arraignment. In what type of trial will this procedure occur?
a) civil b) criminal c) d)
medial researchers testing animals understand that they are helping thousands of people by harming a few animals. Which theory are they using?
a) golden rule b) greatest good c) d)
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