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a) reluctantly b) winced c) impassive d) disdainfully
with disregard; without respect
a) belligerently b) impassive c) scornfully d) obstinate
in a skillful or agile manner
a) defiantly b) deftly c) imperious d) reluctantly
flinched or moved away as if in pain
a) obstinate b) reluctantly c) defiantly d) winced
a ghost or vision
a) specter b) haze c) intricate d) awe
commanding or overbearing
a) impassive b) imperious c) submerged d) obstinate
a strong lock with a key
a) intricate b) specter c) stocky d) padlock
under the water
a) imperious b) submerged c) obstinate d) impassive
fog or smoke
a) winced b) lanky c) specter d) haze
in a hostile or aggressive manner
a) reluctantly b) imperious c) belligerently d) obstinate
with disregard or dislike
a) belligerently b) imperious c) obstinate d) disdainfully
emotionless; not feeling or showing emotion
a) intricate b) impassive c) imperious d) defiantly
complicated; having many parts; difficult to solve
a) intricate b) obstinate c) specter d) belligerently
highly complex or refined
a) intricate b) sophisticated c) obstinate d) stocky
in a rebellious manner; resist; impudent
a) deftly b) imperious c) obstinate d) defiantly
having lean long limbs; tall, thin, loose
a) deftly b) stocky c) lanky d) padlock
a feeling of wonder and admiration
a) imperious b) specter c) haze d) awe
short and heavily built; sturdy; thick
a) lanky b) impassive c) intricate d) stocky
stubborn; sticking to opinion despite reason
a) obstinate b) imperious c) disdainfully d) defiantly
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