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A factor that causes population growth to decrease is called a
a) density factor b) nullifying factor c) limiting factor d) detrimental factor
A limiting factor that depends on population size is called a
a) density-dependent limiting factor b) density-independent limiting factor c) predator-prey relationship d) parasitic relationship
Density-independent limiting factors include
a) predation b) hurricanes c) competition d) parasitism
If a population grows larger than the carrying capacity of its environment, the
a) death rate may rise b) birthrate may rise c) death rate may fall d) immigration rate may increase
The maximum number of organisms of a particular species that can be supported by an environment is called
a) logistic growth b) carrying capacity c) exponential growth d) population density
Under ideal conditions and unlimited resources, a population will continue to grow in a pattern called
a) logistic growth b) exponential growth c) population distribution growth d) denisity dependent growth
The range or area occupied by a population is its
a) growth rate b) geographic distribution c) age structure d) population density
The number of individuals of a single species per unit area is known as
a) carrying capacity b) logistic growth c) population density d) population growth rate
The movement of individuals into an area is called
a) demography b) carrying capacity c) immigration d) emigration
A graph that shows an S-shaped curve that happens when a populations's resources become less available and the population growth slows down represents
a) exponential growth b) logistic growth c) independent growth d) natural growth
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