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What was the goal of Confucius's teachings?
a) Bring Peace b) All c) Bring Stability d) Bring Prosperity
What was an item that the Chinese wanted for trade on the Silk Road?
a) All b) Linen Cloth c) Ivory d) Wool
What is a group of people who carry out the work of the government?
a) Civil Service b) Private Practice c) Merit System d) Communists
Who was China's first emperor?
a) Han b) Shi Huangdi c) Wudi d) Confucius
What is the main economy of the Ancient Chinese?
a) Manufacturing b) Shipbuilding c) Trading d) Farming
What is a type of money?
a) Bonds b) Barter Items c) Stocks d) Currency
What is a family that has closely related family living in one household?
a) Extended b) Tribe c) Clan d) Single
What was an important symbol of the Chinese that they compared to their rivers?
a) Tiger b) Dragon c) Snake d) Lion
What is a system that grants jobs based on ability to do the job?
a) Supplier b) Confucian c) Merit d) Spils
Who are local leaders of armed groups?
a) Commanders b) Chieftans c) Warlords d) Bands
What was the first civilization of Ancient China?
a) Shang b) Zhou c) Qin d) Han
Which dynasty built the Great Wall?
a) Shang b) Qin c) Han d) Woo
Which of the following rivers is China's longest?
a) Chang b) Huang c) Ganges d) Indus
Who was held in the highest regard in an Ancient Chinese family?
a) Oldest Female b) Youngest Male c) Youngest Female d) Oldest Male
Who was a teacher and philosopher who influenced the Ancient Chinese?
a) Wudi b) Confucius c) Shi Huangdi d) Sima Qian
What is the belief that Chinese leaders come to power because of fate?
a) King's Hope b) Right of Kings c) Mandate of Heaven d) Merit System
What was an ancient trade route that ran from China to Europe?
a) Khyber Pass b) The Silk Road c) The Great Pass d) The Middle Road
What is a nickname for the Huang River?
a) The Yellow River b) The Dragon River c) The Great Provider d) The Joyful Waters
What is a sediment found in China's rivers that makes the soil fertile?
a) Silt b) Loess c) Compounds d) Debris
Who compiled the first history of Ancient China?
a) Wudi b) Sima Qian c) Confucius d) Herodotus
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